MFA (09/2016-Present), Visual Art: Illustration, University of Arts London

Final Project: On the cloud

Research Paper: Birds in Ancient Greek Mythology

First Year Project: A Monster From the Moon

Project: The Parallel Worlds

Bachelor of Arts (09/2010-07/2014), Fine Art: Mural, Beijing University of Technology

Final Project: A Plane-Crossing Travel's Journal




 Being seleted into Infected By Art Book - Volume 6

Shortlisted to the Communication Arts Illustration Competition


Pattern&Textile Design and Illustrations

Work for Chinese Makeup & Decoration Restoration Team


Beijing Hanfu Association


Mural Design

Project: Relief pillars for Yunnan Deepure Tea Group                May 2014-Jun.2014
Took the responsibility for its plane design for 25 bas reliefs
Project: Square relief group for Huainan train station                Mar.2014-May 2014
Took the responsibility for its design
 Its main sandstone relief is 20 meters long and 4 pieces of brass relief is four meters long

Project: Ceramic murals for Liaoyuan City                                 Feb.2014-Apr.2014

Took the responsibility for the whole project and created 22 pieces of color painting
Project: Country culture wall for Changxindian Town                Feb.2014-Mar.2014
Took the responsibility for designing its outline sketch



Illustrations for Novels

Project: Illustrations for martial fiction                            Apr.2012-Apr.2013

Took the responsibility for designing the whole series of martial fiction planned by Hanhai Huazhang Studio

Project: Micro advertising video for innovative products of ihatcher        Sept.2013-Oct.2013

Took the responsibility for conceiving and designing the video theme, and filming the original material

Project: Brochure for wine gift box of Boehringer-Ingelheim            Dec.2013-Jan.2013

Conceived and designed the pattern of the brochure


Illustrations for Children Picture-Books

Project: Baby 365 children illustration APP                            May 2011-Jul.2011
Created illustrations for Idiot Hans, Faithful John, The Princess and the Pea, and The Three Dwarfs
Project: A series of literacy cards for primary school students            Feb.2011-Jul.2013
Created up to 600 pieces of match pictures
Project: Illustrations for ancient poetry in supplementary books        Sept.2011-Nov.2011
Took the responsibility for designing black-and-white line drafts for the books
Project: Illustrations for a fairytales collection, Biscuit Tree            Sept.2011-Oct.2011
Created interior illustrations for the collection
Project: Illustrations for a series of classic fairy tales                    Mar.2012-Jun.2013
Created illustrations for Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and A Cat in A Bakery

Project: Work in Hangzhou Tianyi Fang Hanfu shop                    Feb.2013-Mar.2014
Designed the styles and patterns for Hanfu and Cheong-sam